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How Clinton Lost

Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania… all states Obama won in 2012, 70 electoral votes among them (aka decisive last night).

Iowa: Clinton lost 171,754 votes compared to Obama’s numbers, a 21% drop overall; Trump gained 68,306 votes compared to Romney. A 250% difference.

Ohio: Clinton lost 510,708 votes (18%); Trump gained 110,547. A 462% difference.

Wisc.: Clinton lost 238,775 votes (15%); Trump gained just 1,501. A 15908% difference.

Mich.: Clinton lost 297,196 votes (12%); Trump gained 163,954. A 181% difference.

Penn.: Clinton lost 238,775 votes (5%); Trump gained 232,507. A 63’% difference.

That’s how you lose an election.

Did Trump win it? Did Clinton lose it? That’s up to you to decide, but returns show a lot of Obama voters stayed home.